Brittany Golden Ballwin Explains STEM

Brittany Golden Ballwin

June 3, 2021

Brittany Golden Ballwin

You see the acronym STEM everywhere these days – but what is STEM? Brittany Golden Ballwin gives us a heads-up.

That’s exactly what STEM is a “heads-up”. The acronym clearly defined means science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. However, when you see STEM-related education, it’s an integration of those disciplines and how they are applied. When we see STEM in the news today, it hugely relates to encouraging people to engage in STEM education. Historically, STEM education was a male-dominated field. Looking around an engineering class you are likely to see many more men than women. That has to change. Brittany Golden Ballwin is part of that change.

STEM is not just what you study, it’s what you do. Brittany Golden Ballwin does both. People like Brittany are invested in changing the notion of a male-dominated sphere. She is a full-time STEM student as well as a professional pet groomer. In this way, she is studying STEM as well as applying STEM principles to her professional life. Taking care of animals is not just an emotional exercise. Understanding their biology and how to care for them is a scientific study.

Being attuned to STEM principles brings a higher level of care to the animals that Brittany Golden Ballwin takes care of. Noticing a small detail can prevent a future health crisis. Having accelerated knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics brings high quality to the services she performs. In addition to being a full-time student in STEM, Brittany has certificates in pet interaction and grooming. She truly embodies the student who takes her education and uses it in their everyday life.

According to, science is to pursue an application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systemic methodology based on evidence. In other words, how we approach our daily tasks in life involves science. Taking a look at a television show involves the science of your visual abilities. There’s no way to get away from it. So it is important to involve all individuals in STEM education.

Most people interact with STEM every day. Brittany Golden Ballwin is not alone. Understanding that we all interact scientifically every day is the beginning of unlocking the complexities of STEM. We all interact with STEM every day. Coming up with innovative solutions to problems we encounter.

According to, STEM education is a curriculum based on the introduction of students to the four specific disciplines. This makes it an interdisciplinary and applied approach. That in and of itself can be a very complicated endeavor. Britney Golden Ballwin explains that STEM can be approached in a simpler way. Realizing that STEM is part of our everyday lives makes it less daunting. You don’t have to leave it to the scientists entirely. We are able to approach our lives equipped with applied scientific knowledge in many areas. We are practicing STEM.


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