Brittany Golden Ballwin Answers the Question, “How Often Should I Groom My Dog?”

Brittany Golden Ballwin

February 25, 2021

“How Often Should I Groom My Dog?”: Brittany Golden St Louis Answers this Question

Wondering how often you should groom your dog? Brittnay Golden St. Louis has the answer.

Living with a dog usually shows. There’s dog hair everywhere if you don’t stay on top of grooming. But how often should you be having your dog groomed? Brittany Golden Ballwin has the answer. “This really depends on your dog’s hair”, says Brittnay Golden St Louis. “There are some reliable standards that groomers follow depending on the type of hair a dog has. Long-haired dogs obviously need more grooming attention than short-haired dogs, for example.”

Britney Golden St Louis further clarifies. “For a long-haired dog, they need to be groomed every day. This means brushing and brushing and brushing some more at least twice a day. This is necessary to not only prevent excessive shedding but also to prevent the hair from getting tangled close to the skin. When this happens, knots form and the hair gets matted. It’s quite painful for dogs”. Brushing at least twice a day, however, will prevent these knots from forming, according to Brittany Golden Ballwin. As for a bath, long-haired dogs should receive one every four to six weeks. This should be followed by a haircut every eight to twelve weeks. This means a long-haired dog should be visiting the groomer every six weeks to keep his coat clean and tangle-free, according to Brittany Golden Ballwin.

On the other hand, short-haired dogs have much fewer grooming needs, according to Brittany Golden Ballwin. For one thing, they don’t need haircuts. However, their coat still needs attention. Brittany Golden Ballwin suggests regular (every other day) brushing to help remove debris and distribute oils along with the coat. Brushing also removes loose hairs that can irritate the dog’s skin. The best brush for a short-haired dog like a pitbull, pug, or Boston terrier, according to Brittany Golden Ballwin, is a curry brush. If your dog has oily skin, says Brittany Golden Ballwin, it is recommended to bathe him every four to 6 weeks. For other dogs with less oily skin, bathe him every six to twelve weeks.

Every dog’s coat is different and grooming needs will differ from breed to breed and coat to coat. If you want to learn more about grooming, says Brittany Golden Ballwin, talk to your local groomer who will happily answer all your questions and concerns.